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Wellness 4 Life Chiropractic - Hartland, Michigan

A thermographic examination is an objective way to determine a patient's progress by analyzing the heat radiating from the spine using the CLA Subluxation Station. This is very similar to how night vision goggles work.  This tool measures heat differences from one side of the spine as compared to the opposite side of the spine. If there is an increased temperature from one side of the spine as compared to the other, it is associated with inflammation and swelling. Inflammation and swelling can irritate the nerve and cause it to be pinched and not function properly leading to pain symptoms. A thermographic examination is a window into how well the patient's nervous system is functioning.

When looking at the results of a thermograpahic analysis, anything bars in white are normal. Green, blue and red bars are indications of mild, moderate and severe nerve interference.

Below are pre and post treatment thermographic examinations of patient. The post treatment thermographic analysis was taken 10 days after the initial examination.

Thermographic Scan before Treatment

Thermographic Scan after Treatment

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